About us

vemvem® is a Seoul-based fashion house that delves into the world of creation centered around the Italian Greyhound. By designing exclusive attire solely for the Italian Greyhound, we aim to introduce the beauty and elegance of this unique breed to the world.

Our designs consider the delicate curves and distinctive physique of the IG, and as a result, the products highlight the naturalness of the Italian Greyhound while encapsulating a contemporary aesthetic sense. Every creation from vemvem® prioritizes the natural movement and comfort of the Italian Greyhound.

Beyond just the realm of fashion, vemvem® also strives to capture the charm of the Italian Greyhound through photography and art. Our photography and artwork follow the beauty of the Italian Greyhound as if tracing their shadows, further accentuating the beauty of this distinct breed.

All Italian Greyhounds and their owners who engage with vemvem® will experience a new frontier of fashion and art. We are committed to spreading the beauty of the Italian Greyhound globally and will continue to explore the boundaries of new cultures and arts in the process.